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  • Historically, the LAC region has always been lagging behind in the space sciences and technology area.

  • LAC Governments have not shown enough interest, with some exceptions as Brazil, Argentina and few others recently. This reflects in lack of funding and therefore poor research, development and achievements.

  • There is not enough indigenous space technology development and some governments choose to buy space technology from developed nations but without technology transfer programs that foster the domestic development of such technologies like  R&D and testing facilities, university careers, startups, etc.


  • We believe that a big part of the solution is EDUCATION.

  • Educate to eradicate fallacies and erroneous beliefs that hold our peoples back.

  • Educate by doing: Because we need to do in order to demonstrate and we need to demonstrate in order to believe, Because only the one who believe in oneself dares and only who dares achieve.

  • Educate by experiencing: Because to experience Space is the key to change Perspective and Context and this two factors are the main drivers in human action.

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