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LATCOSMOS is a Space Development Plan designed for the Latin American and Caribbean Regions that functions within the framework of the IAF GRULAC. It was presented on September tuesday 26th, 2017 during the annual GRULAC meeting within the IAC 2017 in Adelaide, Australia  by the newly elected IAF GRULAC president Ronnie Nader


LATCOSMOS is a 4 year development plan that has been designed mostly as a hands-on education plan based in 4 main programs. Each program’s goal is to target a specific area for development and meant to produce a specific result.

LATCOSMOS is a bold but clear, realistic and feasible  plan that only needs that the GRULAC members unite behind to work. For this, a permanent working commission was created in order to keep the plan running. The idea is that the commission members promote the plan in their local communities.

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