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IAF - International Astronutical Federation
IAF GRULAC - Latin America and Caribbean Regional Group
IAF - IAF Regional Groups

The IAF Regional Groups are formally established by the IAF General Assembly following a recommendation from the Bureau. It is expected that IAF Regional Groups will be established in the Asia-Pacific Region, in Africa, in Latin America and possibly elsewhere.


Each Regional Group will define the group of nations belonging to its region. IAF Regional Group are composed of IAF Members based in the region on a voluntary basis. No IAF Member based in a specific region can be excluded from an IAF Regional Group.


The IAF Regional Groups advise the IAF via its Bureau on matters pertaining to the outer space activities of their region, also review and report to the IAF via its Bureau on the status of the space activities and technologies in their region. They submit recommendations to encourage and facilitate cooperation in their region in the uses of outer space.

The IAF Regional Groups encourage institutions, corporations and individuals based in their region, especially those from the developing nations, to take interest and participate in the activities of the Regional Groups and in the wider framework of IAF. They coordinate representatives of the region in promoting space research and technology, formulating local demands in technology and applications, define regional interests, discuss membership matters, political priorities and stimulate proposals on potential venues for futures IACs.


The IAF Regional Groups Chairs and their members are invited to work closely with other existing regional forums for exchange and cooperation in space activities in order to deepen the understanding among various actors in the region and to strengthen the regional cooperation and capacity for application of space technologies for peace and sustainable development.

The IAF Regional Groups will work in cooperation and coordination with the other IAF Regional Groups in order to facilitate exchange and dialogues to strengthen international cooperation in space activities at a global and inter-regional level.

For the history of the IAF Regional Groups, read the Daejeon Declaration.

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