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Program Description

Program Description

The goal of this program is simple: To allow all other programs to succeed


The means of this program is the use of the OrbitMuse crowdfunding and angel investment platform dedicated to the space industry in order to allow multiple projects across the LATCOSMOS platforms to be showcased and promoted in an specialized and audited system that builds confidence in the supporter/investor.


We need to acknowledge that the principal obstacle between us and our goals in space is not lack of drive or will, nor technical or scientific expertise, not even the lack of interest of government authorities in some cases, much less the critics in our own countries.


The main obstacle is Funding  and without any means for solving this problem, all other programs are very good ideas, but hardly will they become tangible realities.


How it Works?


  • Unifying funding ecosystem for Space exploration worldwide and to incubate and accelerate Space startups

  • Fund scientific discoveries and Space exploration projects, and empowers people to activate the global community to make really big ideas happen.

    • No other middleman or overhead involved (compared 50-60% when receiving a grant at a university).

    • All-or-nothing funding platform. Must reach the funding target, or no one's pledges are charged.

    • Anyone can start a new project, as long as the results are tangible, and a reward shared with Backers as gratitude for their support.

  • Embed widgets integrate easily with websites, social media


In order to access the platform certain conditions nedd to be met:


Orbitmuse Platform Principles:


  • Projects must create something to share with others

  • Projects must be honest and clearly presented

  • Projects can’t fundraise for charity, offer financial incentives, or involve prohibited items

  • Pricing

    • 100% free to all consumers to sign up and list their projects

    • 5% transaction fee for goal reached, 0% for goal not reached

    • 3rd party credit card processing fees 


Projects Showcase

These are the actual projects within the LATCOSMOS that are eligible for funding:

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